This is How to Get a PEP Store Loan

This is How to Get a PEP Store Loan

If you are looking for a loan, you can apply at any PEP store, and you’ll receive an outcome almost immediately. How does this work? PEP facilitates loans for Capfin, and this means you can get a loan of up to R10,000 from PEP.

Capfin is the South African brand of the international Southern View Finance group of companies, providing financial services. They are a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa (NCR).

How to Apply for PEP Store Loan

  • Take your SA ID and your latest proof of income to any PEP store.
  • Get confirmation via SMS within 5 minutes.
  • And Capfin will call you to finalise your loan application

PEP has stores nationwide and this makes it easy to apply. You can contact Capfin about your PEP loan by dialling 087 354 0000 or using the USSD code *120*5566#. The application process is easy and you can visit for more information about Capfin and how to apply at PEP.

In addition to loan, PEP also offers insurance, and you can get funeral cover from PEP at an affordable rate. Simply take your ID book to a PEP store and buy a starter pack, which will also serve as your first instalment on your insurance.

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