Types of Insurance Claims

Types of Insurance Claims

As you go through life, you may have to file several different types of insurance claims at your insurer. You will find that the basic process of filing the claim is similar across most types of insurance, but that the details vary widely.

It is important to understand the ways that common types of insurance claims are similar to, and different from, one another so you can be prepared when you must file a claim of these types.

Medical Aid Claims

Medical aid claims are often submitted directly to the insurer by the medical provider, so these are among the only claims you don’t have to file yourself. Medical aid plans vary widely between providers, but the basic principle is that the insurer pays for medical charges according to your plan, and the provider bills you for the balance, if any. You are responsible for all charges your medical aid company or insurer does not cover.

Life Insurance Claims

Unless you have an endorsement that provides some of the life insurance benefit prior to death, you will always file a life insurance claim for someone else. Therefore, you need the deceased person’s policy information, as well as proof of death and, often, details about the cause of death. The insurer will often provide the death benefit by placing the money in a trust account, and providing you with access to draw the funds, though a variety of means.

Auto Insurance Claim

When your vehicle is damaged after an accident, you need to call your insurance company and report the loss. You must answer several questions about the details of the accident, and often wait for an assessor to come to inspect your car. Once he determines whether your vehicle is repairable or a total loss, your insurance claim will be processed.

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