What Is an FNB Temporary ATM Loan?

What Is an FNB Temporary ATM Loan?

If you need a cash advance but would rather choose to go to bank as to a private lender, you can try a FNB Temporary ATM Loan. It us secure, reliable and quick.

The Temporary Loan product offers you:

  • Immediate availability in your Smart account or Personal Cheque account
  • Saves you times since you are do not complete any application forms
  • Instant credit that is paid into your account if you qualify
  • An initiation fee of up to 13% of the loan value

This allows you to apply for this loan through Online Banking, at any FNB ATM, and FNB branch or through Cell Phone banking. If you repay the loan within 31 days, you will not pay any interest. FNB allows you the convenience to use any deposits made into your FNB transactional account from the day after the loan has been approved to be allocated as payment towards your loan.

Many times, one needs a cash advance for unplanned or unforeseen reasons. This can be very useful when you need to pay an overdue account, medical bills, or if your car has broken down and you cannot wait until the end of the month to fix it.

Being able to get your cash advance at an ATM is something that can be more beneficial. With FNB, you can send a receive money to an eWallet, access all your accounts, pay traffic fines, buy airtime, data bundles and electricity, buy data with FNB Connect, pay accounts recipients, perform third party payments and transfers, register for FNB cell phone banking and send and receive your Moneygram Money Transfer.

Please note that the amount you qualify for when applying for an FNB Temporary ATM Loan the result will depend on your credit profile and your credit approval. This is a good thing because if you have kept on the straight and narrow by always paying your bills keeping a good credit record, you might qualify for more than you applied for.

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