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Bayport Finance – Loans with a difference

Bayport Finance is a finance company in South Africa that has been in the business of changing people’s lives in emerging markets for more than a decade. When they started they wanted to create a company that

Financial tips

Types Of Financial Fraud In Businesses

Identity theft This occurs when one steals personal information and profits from the funds in that person’s name. It usually occurs when a credit card or social security number is

Financial tips

Financial Advisory And Intermediary

To ensure that you’re receiving the best possible financial advice, there’s the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Act (FAIS). The Act offers protection against financial poor advice.   This will assist in preventing scam operators selling “financial” products to consumers.  FAIS also regulates

Financial tips

The different types of non-financial risk

There are 7 common categories of non-financial risk, including:  Model Risk  Operational Risk (fraud, natural disasters, misconduct)  Settlement Risk  Accounting Risk (changes in GAAP)  Regulatory Risk  Legal Risk (Non-honouring of a