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5 Tips To Survive Your First Year In University

First days at a university has proved to be tough as most students are not used to live an independent life away from parents. Here are a few tips that

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7 Retirement Investment Misconceptions

Avoiding investing potholes Investing mistakes can cost investors lots of money and even derail plans for retirement. Take unadvertised fees, for instance. Paying an additional 1 percent in fees every

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What You Need To Know About The National Student Financial Aid Scheme

Benefits of the Student Centred Model The new Student Centred Model now enables NSFAS to manage a direct relationship with the applicants and NSFAS funded students. Student loans and bursaries

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How to Apply for a Student Loan

The high costs of tertiary education often make it challenging for many people to access. One of the main ways in which people access tertiary education is by applying for

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Get Peace of Mind Through the Nedbank Student Loan

Higher education in South Africa is generally quite expensive so many people rely on student loans in order to make their further education dreams come true. Costs for student loans

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How to Refinance Student Loans

Many people apply for student loans as a way to help them pay for expensive study fees. Student loans often make it easier for individuals to afford to pay for

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EduLoan at Unisa

The University of South Africa is the largest University on the African continent. With over 300 000 students, the institution is a dedicated open distance education institution with a student-centred approach.

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Best Student Loan Consolidation Options in South Africa

Student loan debt levels continue to rise every year as more people turn to this form of finance to pay for their tertiary education costs. When it becomes too much

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Find out and Learn about how Student Loan EduLoan work?

EduLoan is a leading educational finance provider that was established in 1996. Through the years the institution has provided finance for the education of individual at various education levels. It

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City of Matlosana Bursary- Education Funding for Scarce Skills

Situated in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda district, which falls under the North West province of South Africa, the City of Matlosana (formerly known as Klerksdorp) has a number of bursary

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WBHO Bursaries for Students

WBHO is one of the largest Southern African construction companies. The JSE-listed company has 5 offices located across major cities in South Africa.

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NSFAS Application Form 2017

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funds more than thousands of students every academic year.