4 Ways to avoid scams

4 Ways to avoid scams

Number 1  

Never give personal information. 

Whether if it’s over the phone or in person or via other correspondence of text message, email or even social media. A real company won’t call you or message you out of the blue seeking your credit card and identity number. 

Number 2 

Know that to gain something, you don’t necessarily have to pay a fee. 

Especially to gain a job in instances where you’re a job seeker who’s desperate to find work, scammers offering employment and jobs on the internet that don’t exist.  

Or where you’re promised a loan in exchange for a small upfront fee and your personal banking details in such an example the victim is most often contacted via email or SMS. 

Number 3 

Be internet savvy and safe 

Regularly check your bank statements to spot any irregular transactions and only shop online with reputable websites that are secure.   

You can check if a website is secure by looking to see if there’s an https:// at the front of the web address. Additionally if there’s a padlock in the address bar then the website is protected and verified. 

Number 4  

Stay away from promises of unrealistic offers 

Because if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Often offers of unrealistic prizes such as a very expensive vehicle or hundreds of overseas air tickets. In most cases, companies won’t offer such valuable prizes.  

Or even sharing fake discounts or competitions to entice users to click on a link to claim the discount or enter the competition on social media. So be wary.

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