5 Credit Cards You Probably Can’t Afford

5 Credit Cards You Probably Can’t Afford

There are numerous credit card offers available from various credit card companies worldwide. Chances are that they typically range from entry level credit cards such as silver or gold options, with platinum or black cards often reserved for high-income earners. 

Beyond these levels are credit cards you probably can’t afford.

Known as elite credit cards, these cards are reserved for the upper echelons of the earning pool.

Here are 5 credit cards you probably can’t afford:

American Express Centurion 

Originally launched in 1999, the black card is regarded as the most exclusive credit card in the world. The all-black titanium card was introduced to serve the needs of super-rich customers, by invitation only.

With a $7500 initiation fee, this card is also designed for customers who are willing to spend around $250 000 a year.

Offering customers perks such as access to airport lounges, airline and hotel upgrades, this credit card has no minimum monthly repayment. It also comes with 24 concierge service and VIP access to exclusive events.

JP Morgan Palladium

This credit card is made out of palladium and 24K gold and is available for an annual fee of $595.

Clients who spend $100 000 annually get to enjoy the “Ultimate Rewards Program”.

Perks also include complimentary access to a fleet of private jets and a concierge. Introduced in 2009, the card also offers customers the benefit of no foreign transaction fees, Roadside Assistance, Travel Accident Insurance and hotel Burglary Insurance among others.

Dubai First Royale Card

You need to be living in Dubai to potentially qualify for this credit card. The Dubai First Royale Card is the region’s first diamond-embedded World MasterCard.

Available by invitation only, this card was introduced in 2008. It currently has fewer than 200 holders.

Two of the card’s edges are also trimmed with gold, while card holders have the benefit of round-the-clock lifestyle managers.

Coutts & Co. World Card

It’s said that only an estimated 100 people own this card, with the bank known at The Queen’s bank. To own this card you need to $1.2 million disposable cash. What you get is a 24/7 concierge service and access to private shopping at designer stores.

Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

Made of solid gold and embedded with 26 diamonds, this card is available to individuals who can put up $100 000. Customers get access to a personal manager, preferential treatment at some of the world’s best golf courses, luxury vacation getaways and fast-track immigration.

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