Credit Card Limit Increase FNB – A Simple Guide

Credit Card Limit Increase FNB – A Simple Guide

First National Bank (FNB), one of the major banks in South Africa, strives to provide simple and efficient banking solutions for customers. 

In addition to offering a range of credit card solutions, the bank makes it easy for customers to take control of their finances. Through simple online systems, FNB has made it easy for customers to facilitate a credit card limit increase.

How a credit card limit increase FNB works:

  • Login to your online banking using your username and password
  • Select the “My Bank Accounts” tab
  • Select the credit card account for which you’d like to change the limit
  • Select the increase limit button
  • Select “Yes” to continue
  • Complete your personal details and select the “Continue” button
  • Confirm your information by selecting the “Accept” button
  • Your offered credit limit will be displayed. Complete the fields and select the “Continue” button.
  • Confirm the increased credit limit details by selecting the “Confirm” button. Select the “Edit” button to make any amendments.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the checkbox. Once complete, select the “Continue” button
  • Read the quote and declaration and select the “Accept” button to continue
  • Your reference number will be displayed when the process is complete. Select “Finish” to go back to the FNB Sales process

When to get a credit card limit increase:

When you have an increase in income

When you are sure that you can actually afford to pay more, then it’s generally safe to increase your credit limit.

When your credit score is good.

Aim to have good credit and good financial health. This implies that you’re responsible with money.

When you have established a good track record

When you have been paying your credit card bill diligently on a monthly basis, you are more likely to be approved for a credit card limit increase.

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