Bidvest commercial property finance

Bidvest deserves to be given credit for being a listening financial institution.This ability to keep its business ear on the ground enables this giant financial house to design products and services which meet market demands as well as client needs.

South Africa as a developing country has over the years experienced tremendous growth in the commercial property industry, this growth has necessitated the introduction of commercial property finance by Bidvest Bank.

Commercial property finance allows clients to renovate commercial, industrial or retail property, or to re-finance an existing funding structure.This is a competitively priced commercial property finance facility with options for various periods.The maximum term is 10 years and the maximum capital amount is R200 million.The property in question becomes security for the loan and up to 70% of the propertys value will be advanced  to the client. Clients who have benefited and can benefit from this finance include investors in commercial, industrial and retail property, businesses that wish to buy premises they currently rent or lease and owner occupiers of commercial property looking to make improvements.

The application process for this finance is very simple. After a client contacts Bidvest by email or even submitting the online form, Bidvest contacts the client to make an appointment.Then pertinent information regarding the property such as the planned purchase, renovation or re-financing is obtained. Once approval in principle has been received, an independent valuation of the property is carried out and loan arrangements finalised.

Bidvest commercial property finance is just what the economy needs.

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