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Libra financial services is a business house which was established on the core foundation values of great people, innovation and positive spirit, competent leadership and a client focused business approach. Established in 1996, Libra has been providing innovative products and solutions to clients in the areas of personal financial planning, employee benefits, medical and investment fields which are tailored as insurance and investment products.

With a proven industry track record and experienced staff, Libra provides professional, detailed and objective services through independent representation of the major life assurance companies, healthcare groups, merchant banks, pension funds, unit trust and investment companies. Libra has also developed associations with companies that provide related services in the fields of short-term broking, tax and accounting service, legal and estate administration, property bond origination and stock broking firms. Libra services are divided into corporate and private services.

The corporate client services maximise retirement benefits of individuals, optimises related tax planning of the company, offers maximum flexibility for retirement funding, healthcare and other ancillary benefits, optimisation of risk management, etc.

Libra private services are anchored around life assurance which is personal and business, healthcare and investments, retirement planning, estate planning as well as wills and trusts. These core private services are further divided into local and offshore. Local services include bank term deposits, unit trusts, structured products, hedge funds, annuities and mortgage bonds. Offshore services are bank accounts, unit trusts, structured products, hedge funds and tank container.

Libra financial services is indeed getting the financial balance right. Libra can be contacted on 0116723325.


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