My Bond Fitness, Assisting You to Enter the Property Market

My Bond Fitness, Assisting You to Enter the Property Market

The property market in South Africa forms a huge segment of the countrys economy. Every year, as new houses or residential properties are built (whether by government or the private sector, and whether for ownership or for rent), as existing properties are traded, or as old properties are converted into new uses, the size and composition of the residential property market changes.

It is also worth noting that every year sees more and more home loan applications being turned down by financing houses. Some of the reasons advanced for this turning down by financial houses  include little or no financial track record, a low credit score with little or no affordability, over indebtedness and financially distressed households as well as historical financial commitments not honored. It is because of this background that one practicing attorney established My Bond Fitness. My Bond Fitness has revolutionised the property market by assisting many own their own home.This firm guides and empowers, assists with in-depth analysis and offers pre-qualification reports.

My Bond Fitness together with the best of financial experts and the banks, have developed a proven process that guides and empowers consumers to obtain a financial profile that helps them successfully qualify for a home loan. The online platform helps you to aggregate all the required information for in-depth analysis on your financial profile to determine whether you are buyers fit. The pre-qualification report is designed to match and meet the underwriting criteria used by banks and credit providers. My Bond Fitness can give you a real time instant pre-qualification report.

My Bond Fitness can be contacted on 0214610065 and there will be experts on hand to assist and respond to any queries.

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