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Clicks has been a reliable and healthy lifestyle outlet for millions of South Africans for years now. From the Clicks pharmacy, diabetes management programme, mental health services, nutrition to dental health services, Clicks has never failed it’s valued clientele. Out of the realisation that a great amount of health related cases are linked to the increased financial stress and burden upon many individuals and families, Clicks ventured into the credit card service provision to give many people peace of mind.

The Clicks credit card allows clients to shop anywhere, pay bills or even a meal. Clients also enjoy free comprehensive global travel insurance when they purchase travel tickets with the credit card. Clients also earn R150 extra clicks cash back when the credit card is activated and R1000 is spent within 30 days. Points earned on the credit card are paid as cash back reward and this is paid out 4 times per year.

clicks credit cardThe Clicks credit card carries other great benefits like lost card protection which means clients are not liable for fraudulent transactions in the case of stolen or lost cards, post or email statement is also sent every month, clients can also use the Clicks online banking and the Clicks SMS or email allows clients to keep in touch with all transactions. Clients using this credit card enjoy peace of mind because the cards built-in chip and pin security guarantees safe transacting.

Clicks credit card application and contact details: For this innovative credit card product, Clicks can be contacted on 0860 254 257.

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  1. John
    John 17 January, 2015, 00:03

    I would love to apply for a credit card…

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