FNB.com Online Banking

FNB.com Online Banking

Trading as First National Bank and Colorado First National Bank, this institution offers clients in the United States quality banking solutions.

Through FNB.com you can get a 24-hour personal link to your accounts. Horizon Online provides an internet connection to your financial information.

First introduced in the early 1980s in New York and the UK, internet banking has become increasingly popular and mainstream in recent years worldwide.

Getting access to FNB.com Online Banking is simple.

A customer with internet access and a secure connection would need to register with the institution for the service, set up a password and other credentials for customer verification.

Once the registration process has been completed, individuals can log in and transact.

What you can do with FNB.com Online Banking:

  • Access loan information instantly
  • Get up-to-the-minute balances
  • Review transaction activity and see if cheques have cleared
  • Make immediate transfers and schedule future-dated or ongoing transfers to occur automatically between accounts.
  • You get access to 24/7 banking, so you won’t have to wait for branch operating hours to transact. You won’t have to spend hours waiting in long bank queues or ATM queues to do your banking.
  • You can view detailed balances and transaction history
  • You can transfer funds between accounts
  • You can make payments
  • Send and receive global payments
  • Place notice on your savings account
  • Schedule payments
  • Access bank statements
  • You can also access further banking solutions offered by FNB.com such as Horizon Bound, Horizon Plus Checking as well as Horizon Basic Checking.

The FNB Mobile App

The app is available on Apple and or Android mobile devices. Customers can use the app to view balances, transaction history, check statements, make transfers between accounts, use Bill Pay and find the nearest ATM location.

To find out more about FNB.com online banking, visit www.fnb.com or email custserv@fnb.com


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