The Grindrod Bank of South Africa

The Grindrod Bank of South Africa was established in 1994. From humble beginnings and a capital injection of R25 million, Grindrod to-date has grown into a reliable financial institution in south Africa with listings with the Johannesburg stock exchange and branches in Durban, Cape town and Johannesburg with capital reaching R280 million and assets under management reaching a staggering R3.7 billion. Grindrod banks business specialisation is in the area of property finance, high return cash deposits and investment products, personalised private client services, corporate finance and card solutions.

The Grinrod banks lending and finance solutions is mainly focused on industrial and commercial property finance. Closely tied to that is the invoice discounting which is a confidential facility meant to speed up the working capital of a business. Cash deposits and investment segment of the business provides investment opportunities with incredible returns, these include cash investments, exchange traded funds and securities. The corporate finance service caters for comprehensive corporate finance matters concerning originating, negotiating and executing transactions. The card solutions service caters for EFT, card, ATM and all this comes courtesy of the Grindrods membership to the national payments system and being a mastercard issuer.

The Grindrod bank also offers a unique online service of online money manager where guarantees are issued free of charge within 24 hours, this is also a state of the art facility which helps to direct 3rd party payments for estate late accounts.

Grindrod bank south africa can be contacted on 0114591860.
Grindrod Bank of South Africa

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