Habib Canadian Bank

Habib Canadian Bank

The banking sector in South Africa and in particular corporate banking by all indicators aspires to be a progressive, sustainable and globally competitive sector that is respected by all and relevant to all South Africans. Backed by a sound regulatory and legal framework,this sector has increasingly become sophisticated, boasting of dozens of domestic and foreign institutions providing a full range of services such as commercial, retail, merchant banking, mortgage lending,insurance and investment.

Formally established in 1967,this business entity was initially set up as a company trading in metals and other commodities but later expanded into trade finance and merchant banking as a result of the integrity and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder.All these movements led to the establishment of a fully fledged commercial bank in 1941. HBZ as the bank is famously known provides products and services in the areas of business banking, personal banking, islamic banking, e-banking as well as trade finance and services.

Business Banking services include flexible lending options that are adapted for your specific business requirements, a wide range of deposit products at attractive rates of interest allowing you to choose one that optimally suits your particular business needs and trade finance and foreign currency services that allow you to deal internationally or buy foreign currency easily and efficiently.

Personal Banking offers a personalised set of products which include lending options that will suit your particular unique situation,a range of deposit products tailored to suit your specific needs at rates of interest that will allow you to grow your wealth and there is also foreign currency remittances and foreign currency cash dealings at competitive rates.

Islamic Banking is set apart from conventional banking due to its strong adherence to the principles of Shariah, which in simple terms means the Islamic branch is not allowed to charge or pay interest on financing or deposits or even transact in investments or businesses involving alcohol,gambling or other Islamically unaccepted activities.

Trade Finance and Services bouquet offers products such as foreign drafts,inward and outward documentary collections,import and export letters of credit,remittances,forward exchange contacts as well as travellers cheques and foreign bank notes.

HBZ Bank Limited can be contacted on 0116304600.

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