Habib Canadian Bank

Habib Canadian Bank

It is a fact that an economy’s financial markets are critical to its overall development. Banking systems and institutions in particular enhance growth and are a big factor in poverty reduction. Strong financial systems provide reliable and accessible information that lowers transaction costs, which in turn bolsters resource allocation and economic growth. An example of a strong banking player is Habib Canadian Bank.

Established in 2001, Habib Canadian Bank (HCB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Habib Bank AG Zurich. HCB is committed to make banking more rewarding for you. Habib Canadian Bank places a high emphasis on personal service. The Bank provides a comprehensive range of commercial and personal banking services and products designed to cover the needs of all its customers from small saver to the larger international corporations.These services are categorised into business banking, personal banking and financial institutions.

Through business banking, HCB  provides a wide variety of Accounts, Financing, Trade Finance, Payment and Collections solutions, designed to deliver working capital efficiency through effective receivables management or payables process engineering.

With regards to personal banking, HCB offers a whole range of  individual products and services for people that have specific needs. These personal banking offerings help clients manage their money and save for the future.

When it comes to financial institutions, this institution has developed an extensive worldwide correspondent-banking network. This allows customers to freely access the bank’s own network of branches & subsidiaries based in 4 continents, as well as to provide a one-stop shop for their international trade needs.

Habib Canadian Bank can be contacted on various online platforms.



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