How to Check Your SARS Tax Number

How to Check Your SARS Tax Number

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) is the tax authority in South Africa and has a mandate to collect tax money from the country’s citizens who are earning above the regulatory tax threshold. The institution has undergone a revamp in recent years in order to improve its systems and processes.

A common occurrence is that tax payers forget their tax number, and are often looking to find this number.

How can you check your SARS tax number?

The easiest way is to request it from SARS. The good news is that SARS won’t provide your tax number to another person, so you can request it telephonically by calling the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 72 77. Make sure that you have your ID number on hand.

If you are registered on eFiling, you can just log on and check your SARS tax number.

You can also look at your IRP5 form or you can ask your employer. Another option is by enquiring with your employer’s accountants.

Your SARS tax number can also reflect on your payslip. Yu could also check on previous tax returns.

If none of these options work, your best bet will be to visit a SARS branch and request it from the SARS consultants.

Who has to file a tax return?

If your total annual salary before tax is R350 000 or less, there is no need to file a return, providing that

You only have one employer.

You have no car allowance.

You have no other income (such as rent).

You are not claiming deductions: medical aid; retirement annuity; travel expenses.

You have not had dividends paid to you and were not a non-resident during the 2015 year of assessment.

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