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The minibus taxi industry in South Africa plays a crucial role. Statistics show that 6.7 million people are serviced every week which translates into 200,000 taxis on the roads transporting 4.5 million people per day. The industry has also created 400,000 jobs with an estimated turnover of 16.5 billion per year.The need for tailored finance and services for this sector is therefore critical. One entity doing exactly that is SA taxi finance holdings.

SA Taxi Finance is a member of the Transaction Capital group of companies. Its goal is to be a contributor to the financial empowerment of historically unbanked taxi entrepreneurs especially black owned.This firm since establishment has become the reliable provider of finance competing against formal domestic banks who are the major players in vehicle finance in South Africa.

With a branch network cutting across the country, SA taxi has dedicated itself to providing flexible financing to taxi owners. In order to qualify for finance from SA Taxi, you need to be a registered member of a recognised Taxi Association, have reasonable credit history, have a permanent address, have a bank account and operate a viable taxi route.

Other documents needed in this process include a certified copy of the Identity document, valid taxi operators licence, proof of residential address which is less than 90 days old, a letter of recommendation from your Taxi Association and your latest three months bank statements.

The roadmap after documentation is to approach a reputable motor vehicle dealership, compare different vehicles,compare the different deals you are offered,once the choice of dealer and vehicle is made, ask the dealer for an SA taxi application and route forms, these can be obtained from our website or phone 086 182 9448 and request them, complete the forms, sign and fax them with a copy of your ID, your operator’s licence to 086 543 7927 or 086 519 9027, your application will be assessed within a half hour, if successful your dealer will assist you to complete the rest of the process which will take between a day to five days to complete dependent on your dealer.


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