Sokoza cash loans, the best credit way

Sokoza cash loans, the best credit way

Sokoza is a South African vernacular term which means “My way”. It is not surprising then that a local micro lender adopted this term to try and describe the foundation and aspirations of the business entity. Sokoza loans entered the financial market to be unique and provide products and services which the South African public have been yearning for.

Sokoza provides finance and credit which helps individuals and families to solve urgent and short-term cash flow problems.This financial model has adopted an operating model which is faster and more convenient than other online lenders by eliminating paper work, faxing or sitting on the phone for hours, the entire service and process here works online.

Clients through this facility can borrow money from a minimum amount of R300 to a maximum amount of R1500 with a repayment period of 30 days. The process works by initially allowing a client to decide how much cash they need and for how many days. The cost is then calculated upfront and the client can then choose a commitment date of repayment. This credit channel allows clients to borrow again immediately after the first repayment is collected.

To qualify for this credit, a client must be 18 years and above, be in possession of a South African ID and have a bank account where payments can be made and debit orders collected.

Sokoza cash loans can be contacted by filing in a quick online contact form and a consultant will respond.

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