SARS Payment Dates to Keep Track of

SARS Payment Dates to Keep Track of

Making payments to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) as a registered tax payer is something that should be done diligently and prudently.

As the tax body in South Africa, SARS is responsible for collecting taxes for qualifying South African citizens. There are various types of taxes to be collected- each with its own deadline. To ensure a smooth process and avoidance of penalties charged, SARS encourages taxpayers to adhere to the rules set.

As a registered tax payer, it’s important that you ensure that you pay any outstanding tax liability timeously and within the prescribed deadlines.

The second of the SARS payment dates contained on the notice of assessment is the date by which the taxpayer must pay the amount reflected as payable to SARS.

It’s important that you know when you have been issued with an assessment because you need to act on that assessment within strict prescribed deadlines.

Important SARS Payment Dates to keep track of

25 January 2017

VAT manual submissions and payments


30 January 2017

Excise Duty Payments


31 January 2017

Deadline for provisional taxpayers via eFiling for 2016 Tax season


31 January 2017

CIT Provisional Tax Payments


31 January 2017

VAT electronic submissions and payments


07 February 2017

PAYE submissions and payments


24 February 2017

VAT manual submissions and payments


27 February 2017

Excise Duty Payments

Who has to file a tax return?

If your total annual salary before tax is R350 000 or less, there is no need to file a return, providing that:

You only have one employer.

You have no car allowance.

You have no other income (such as rent).

You are not claiming deductions: medical aid; retirement annuity; travel expenses.

You have not had dividends paid to you and were not a non-resident during the 2015 year of assessment.

Contact SARS by calling: 0800 00 72 77


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