Southern Money Loans and cellphone contracts

Are you in need of a personal loan, home loan and a cell phone contract? Avoid the inconvenience of moving from one point to another, time is precious thus you should find an institution in record time  that offers these two products at an affordable cost. While conducting this simple research, you must also check if the firm allows you to conduct your applications online – it makes everything quick and simple.

Established in 2004, Southern Money is one of the top market leaders and is amongst companies which offer all the above facilities, the creditor is a business enterprise designed to kick start clients’ finances let alone branding their life style by selling state of the art cell phones through credit.

All you need to do is complete an online application if you need a cash loan (personal loan), bond (home loan) and cell phone contract. Clients won’t be charged for using this online service and clients whose credit history is bad are allowed to apply. Clients who use this online service for making their applications will receive a tracking code which tracks progress online; the tracking system allows clients to have a secure communication and privacy with Southern Money.

Apart from being a one stop application point, Southern Money has other benefits:

  • Competitive fixed interest rates for the duration of the personal loan.
  • Free online service with no hidden costs
  • Clients are under no obligation. The choice is theirs
  • You decide how much you want to loan, no one does that for you
  • Easy and flexible repayment periods
  • Money is paid within 48 hours upon approval
  • No security in terms of personal possessions is required for personal loans
  • The personal protection plan allows for settling of a client’s outstanding loan balance in the event of death, disability and any dreadful diseases

Southern money can be contacted in various ways; by phone 011 0574716, email, by fax 0866 443 054, by mail P.O. box 10062, Dalview, 1544 or by alternatively visiting their offices at 712 Voortrekker Rd, Brakpan, Gauteng.

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