Direct Money Personal Loans

Direct Money Personal Loans

Direct Money is not a financial provider, but rather provides easy ways to apply for loans. Direct Money is able to guide you towards the right direction when you are looking for a loan. The institution can help you get the best insurance, loan or vehicle finance.  

Trying to find a loan can be a time-consuming process and with the numerous loan options available it can be stressful trying to find just the right solution for your needs. This is why it can be helpful to get some assistance from loan finding service.

Direct Money has partnered with various lenders, including: 

  • Lendico Personal Loans
  • All Debt Solutions
  • SA Loans
  • Wonga
  • Cash Loans
  • Loanfinder SA
  • Debt Lab
  • Credit Shop
  • Wanna Loan
  • Lamna

What most people look for when applying for a loan is a simple way to get access to finance. The micro lending industry in South Africa has made it much easier to achieve this.  Institutions such as Direct Money have created a simpler way for people to find the type of loan solutions to suit their unique needs.

Benefits of choosing Direct Money:

Speed – by choosing Direct Money, you can find quick solutions to your particular financial needs.

Flexibility– the lenders that Direct Money has partnered with offer flexible finance solutions.

Simple qualifying criteria – the micro lenders offering loan solutions offer simple qualifying criteria.

You get cash to spend – by getting access to various loan solutions through Direct Money Personal Loans you will be able to find the funds that may help you meet your financial obligations.

Convenience – more loan solutions are available online, so it’s become much easier to get access to finance.

Simple application processes – through Direct Money Personal Loans you are able to get access to simple application processes, without the hassle of too much paperwork or having to wait in long queues.

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