Student loans in South Africa to study abroad

Student loans in South Africa to study abroad

Many individuals in South Africa have ambitions of furthering their studies. The country has an array of tertiary institutions that provide quality education to students. Despite this, many individuals can’t afford to pay for their studies and to make the most of these opportunities. 

A select few individuals are able to afford tertiary education in South Africa. Many people have to turn to loans as an alternative.

While some people benefit from Scholarship as well as bursaries, not everyone qualifies.

This is where student loans come in handy.

In South Africa the four big banks offer student loans, while government has the NSFAS available to this end. There are numerous student loan providers is the country, but not many offer student loans to study abroad.

So where can one get access to student loans in South Africa to study abroad?

Nedbank Student Loans are offered to full and part-time students. In addition, this bank offers postgraduate studies abroad.

By calling 0860 555 111, individuals can gain access to Nedbank Student Loans.

Qualifying criteria include:

  • Letter of acceptance
  • Proof of registration and costs
  • Surety

Nedbank Student Loans offer borrowers a number pf benefits:

  • Interest rates are quite competitive
  • The repayments terms are flexible
  • The loan provides cover for tuition, residence, books and special equipment
  • The loan is quite affordable. Individuals are required to pay only the interest portion while studying.
  • Individuals get reduced banking charges

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

  • You get to see the world
  • You get to experience different styles of education
  • You can learn a foreign language
  • You get better career opportunities
  • You get to work on your personal development
  • You get the opportunity to adopt different tools which you can introduce in you r career back at home
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