Taking a Look at the Banking App for FNB

Taking a Look at the Banking App for FNB

FNB has a very handy banking app with a variety of features for customers to enjoy. It allows you to take care of all your banking needs. While you are on the move, and even gives you benefits like shopping vouchers, and components. With the banking app for FNB you can withdraw cash out your card, which is ideal if you have lost your wallet. 

You can also do all your banking for the app, like transfers between your bank account, payments to recipients, this ad viewing statements. Just to be detailed balances and your transaction easterly, the ability to add or edit recipients, send money to someone with eWallet, send and receive global payments, view Forex rates, and open a new account in under 10 min.

You can also make calls to FNB call centres, contact your private banker, or locate ATMs and branches close to you. FNB Really makes it very handy to do all your daily banking. It’s very convenient as you simply have too. Carry your smartphone with you and this means you don’t have to go into a branch to do most of the banking neither do you have to wait until you’re in front of your computer to do payments or even open a bank account.

But the FNB banking app shopping is also made easier as you can simply redeem any Checkers or Shoprite coupons at the till. You can simply use the My Coupons feature from your FNB app while you shop and you will be given a code that you can enter before you pay. This means you will save even more simply by buying everyday groceries at your favourite supermarket.

You can download FNB’s banking app by simply logging into online banking from your mobile device. You can follow the instructions and within a few minutes you will have app ready to use.


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