Taking a Look at Telkom WiFi Deals

Taking a Look at Telkom WiFi Deals

Telkom offers a variety of WiFi deals that can be purchased either on a prepaid or a contract basis. These dark ideal is make it very easy for you to connect to the Internet, and serve any time of the day or night. These data plans can be used on your mobile phone or on your ADSL router so that you can have Internet access at home or wherever you go.

You can also get a WiFi plan for your office to benefit from affordable internet connection while at the office, for all your employees and guests to enjoy.

Telkom WiFi deals include a fast ADSL option, where you will receive the following:

  • Up to 2Mbps ADSL
  • Excludes internet
  • Excludes line rental
  • DSL Installation fee of R792 not included (self-installation option available)
  • Line installation fee of R620 not included

With your ADSL data line, you can get WiFi in your home or office and make it easy for anyone to connect to the internet. This means that everyone with a laptop, a cellphone or other mobile device can connect to your Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. You will have a high-speed Internet, and there are various LAN options to choose from.

In the home, more and more gadgets and appliances – phones, TVs, tablets, games consoles – work best with a good internet connection. With a Wi-Fi connection at home. All these devices can connect to the Internet and you can have convenient throughout your home.

Telkom also offers bundles that include voice and DATA plans, which offer even more convenience. They have a contract that offers you unlimited mobile calls, unlimited fixed line calls as well as unlimited Dada and SMS messages. This means you have one bill and all of the services available

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