Top 10 Highest Paying jobs in South Africa

Top 10 Highest Paying jobs in South Africa

Earning big bucks is a dream for many job seekers in South Africa. Find out what you have to do to help you upgrade your life and earn more money – specifically north of R100K per month.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa:

  1. Legal Service Provider earns an average of R175 000 per month.

To be a legal service adviser you need to be a Jack of all trades and master of one art; double speech. Legal service providers offer counsel to people having problems with the law, labour disputes or personal and financial difficulties. A law degree would also be a compulsory requirement.

Top 10 Highest Paying jobs in South Africa

Find out what you have to do to help you upgrade your life and earn more money – specifically north of R100K per month

  1. Chief Investment Officer – R140 400p/m

To be a great CIO you need to know money better than your A,B,Cs.  It’s safe to assume that higher education qualifications in finance, economics and accounting would be rather handy to attain this position, but that doesn’t mean street hustlers willing to sell their mothers for a buck can be completely discounted from the role either.

  1. IT Director (information technology) – R129 167 p/m

As an IT Director chances are you’ll have had to mix your computer skills, with business savvy and attained some managerial skills while you were at it. That doesn’t mean you’ll be a well-adjusted individual.

  1. Financial systems manager – R120 000 p/m

Qualifications in accounting here are a must. In order to be able to become a financial systems manager, you need to be able to understand complex finance systems be able to create strategies for companies to manage their finances and see that they are put to the most effective use possible.

  1. Neurologist – R120 000 p/m

Firstly the six years of medical school and additional five years of residency training in neurology are a non-negotiable. All this effort is to make sure that when given the permission to play with peoples brains, you can prove that yours works at least 500 times better than theirs.

  1. Corporate Director – R115 000 p/m

To become a corporate director you have to spend a lot of time climbing the corporate ladder and show leadership skills from the onset of entering the business environment.

  1. Marketing Segmentation Manager – R108 333 p/m

Marketing segmentation managers need to have a thorough understanding of marketing and sales, be able to establish and maintain business with customers, all the while looking for more. Simply having an outgoing personality doesn’t cut it. Candidates with four-year degrees are given preference.

  1. Research and Development Executive (Business Planning) – R108 333 p/m

If you are prepared to do business planning as a full-time occupation, you deserve the salary you’re getting at the end of month.

  1. Welder (Factory and Manufacturing) – R106 200 p/m

If you’re trying to become a welder know that the qualifications vary for the profession and for would-be employers. You might simply have a high school diploma and all they’ll ask you to do is complete tests set by them.

  1. Project Control Manager (Executive and Management) – R 101 160 p/m

Project control managers are people who are in charge of any given project companies run at any time. They need to know all the business jargon that comes with the job such as: Fiscal Integrity, Change Management, Estimating, Contract Business, process compliance and maximising margin.

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