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Umdeni finance has established itself as a premier loan broking house in South Africa. With its roots firmly established in the commercial hub of South Africa which is Gauteng, Umdeni has become a reliable source of urgent credit finance which helps individuals meet pressing needs like education fees, property renovation expenses, medical fees and other household needs.

Umdeni provides credit to clients in the form of personal loans between the amounts of R500 and R15000. These loan amounts are attached to flexible monthly repayment installments ranging from one, three, six and 12 months. Umdeni has put in place convenient, easy, quick application and approval processes which allows clients to get access to the much needed finances within 24 hours of approval.

Umdeni Finance

Because Umdeni believes that its business is about providing helpful service rather than making huge profits, they have made the qualification requirements as flexible and as minimal as possible. To qualify for the Umdeni credit, a prospective client just needs to be permanently employed, a client should also have a monthly income which is transmitted through a bank account as well a South African ID. The only exemption for this credit facility are those clients who have administration orders, sequestration or under debt review. Those who are on weekly, fortnightly or self employment arrangements and earning commission can also not qualify.

Umdeni finance loan applications can be done online by filling in a quick application form or calling 0123489146.

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