Xcelsior Loans – Cars in Exchange for Loans

Xcelsior Loans – Cars in Exchange for Loans

Getting access to a loan is not as complex as used to be in the past. While traditional lending institutions such as banks have made their lending criteria stricter, the micro lending industry has given South Africans more options in terms of getting access to finance. 

Xcelsior Loans is a registered credit provider in South Africa that has 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry. What makes Xcelsior different is the fact that it makes it simple for individuals from all walks of life to be able to get access to funds by accepting all types of vehicles as security.

Blacklisted individuals are also welcome to apply for loans.

Why should you choose Xcelsior Loans?

  • Your credit profile won’t be used as a basis to decide on the loan amount that you get.
  • Collateral is required in the form of motor vehicles (such as cars, bakkies, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes and motorised sports vehicles such as jet skis).
  • No affordability assessments are conducted.
  • The application process is quick, easy and paperless.
  • There is no lengthy administrative process and there is no red tape and there are no hidden costs.
  • Once you have been approved for a loan, you can expect payment to be made within 45 minutes.
  • The value of your vehicle determines the loan amount that you qualify for.
  • Loan amounts that you may qualify for range from R5000 to R500 000.

How the Loan Process works:

You can phone or fill in an online applications form and thereafter an Xcelsior consultant will come to you. The process is paperless and it takes about 30 minutes.

An assessment of the asset(s) you put up as collateral will be done. Based on this assessment, you will be loaned up to 50% of the asset’s value.

The EFT will be paid to the bank account of your choice. Xcelsior will collect your security asset or you can deliver it personally.

Assets are stored in a secure facility with 24 hour security, so you can rest assured that your asset will be safe.

Once you settle your loan, Xcelsior will return your security in the same condition as received.

Call Xcelsior on: 012 997 1062

Visit their website here: www.xcelsiorloans.co.za

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