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Union loans is a South African micro lending institution which believes that real economic freedom starts with affordable credit. It is for this reason that this reputable institution came on the scene to be the country’s reliable credit provider with services provided in a secure and confidential manner.  Union loans offers clients pay-day advance, emergency loans, silver membership, gold membership and platinum membership.

Pay day advance is a credit facility that allows customers to obtain money which can be deducted against the next pay-day with initiation fee and service fee added. Emergency loans have been tailored for clients who are registered with Union loans. This facility is provided for unfortunate circumstances of death or medical conditions. A death certificate should be submitted in-case of death and medical conditions should be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. Silver membership is awarded to those with R5,000  worth of funeral cover which also translates into R2,000 payout to the spouse in case of death, 2% discount on each loan applied for and a free monthly credit assessment package. Gold membership is attained when an individual has R7,000 worth of funeral cover, R2,000 payout to the spouse, legal assistance, free will and testament, 3% discount on loans and a free monthly credit assessment. The platinum membership means a client has R10,000 rands of funeral cover, R2,000 pay out to the spouse, R5,000 worth of credit protection, R5% discount on loans and a free monthly credit assessment package.

Union loans are certainly the cash strapped clients best friend. This fast growing financing house can be contacted on 0127435290 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.

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