1 Hour Loans

1 Hour Loans

1 Hour Loans

If you are looking for fast and convenient personal loan solutions, 1 Hour Loans may be ideal for you. Reliable for unexpected situations such as car breakdowns, medical emergencies and retrenchments, 1 Hour Loans are tailor made to assess your financial situation. For longer term finance needs such as home renovations or wedding costs, 1 Hour Loans provides sufficient finance to meet these needs.

If you are blacklisted or have a bad credit rating, 1 Hour Loans will still consider your application, possibly giving you a second chance. 1 Hour Loans specialises in being able to provide help for people with poor credit rating, garnishee orders and defaults.

How do you get access to 1 Hour Loans?
• Start by visiting the 1 Hour Loans website and fill in your details
• You will receive an approval via SMS
• You’ll get your funds deposited into your bank account and have instant access

As a loan applicant you can rely on 1 Hour Loans to connect you with all leading loan vendors in South Africa. The various lenders provide finance of up to R230 000. By simply uploading your details on their website, you get access to the various lenders. An agent of the company will contact you for further assistance.

Why should you choose 1 Hour Loans?

Their loan processes are simple and quick

Loans provided by the various lending partners are higher, compared to other lending institutions

As soon as you are approved the funds are made easily accessible to you

You don’t have to endure any face-to-face interviews

There is no extensive paperwork to fill out

Having a bad credit rating does not exclude you from getting an opportunity for gaining access to finance when you need it most

Loan amounts vary, allowing you to meet your short and long term needs

Visit the 1 Hour Loans website here: www.thehourloan.co.za

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