Absa Platinum Account

Absa Platinum Account

One of the major characteristics of a good bank is being innovative in designing and providing products and services for a diverse clientèle. One bank that has committed itself in this regard is Absa. Absa is one of South Africa’s four major banks. Founded in 1991 and currently standing at a total asset value of R841.33 billion, Absa has continued to set trends in the banking sector. One latest product offering that has been embraced by the market is the Absa platinum account.

The ABSA Platinum Cheque Account gives you full access to all the channels such as internet and cellphone banking and the mobile banking app. Exclusive to this account is access to financial advisors, priority bankers and airport lounges.This account offers two payment options such as the value bundle and the pay as you transact. Value bundle gives you a parcel of free transactions and other benefits for a set monthly fee of R149.Pay as you transact comes at a small monthly fee of R33, thereafter pay only when you transact.

The Value Bundle comes with extra benefits such as a bundle of free transactions, 7 Absa ATM cash withdraws, 5 Absa ATM cash deposits, unlimited card swipes. It is also important to note that any unused transactions will roll over for one month.

To access this service, Absa can be contacted on 0860109085.

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