All You Need to Know about Get Bucks Loans in South Africa

All You Need to Know about Get Bucks Loans in South Africa

GetBucks is an online lender that offer finance to lenders who are registered on its website. To register, clients should complete all required steps and website, through its online tools, will govern how much bucks is available.

Get Bucks Loans are registered and thereby as per National Credit Amendment Act of 2015, require clients to upload a three months bank statement on its website or to complete the online verification tool.

Clients don’t require the Get Bucks Loans to send them a hard copy of their profile. They can access their profiles on the website to determine their status of account or sms the short code “status” to 44184 and the required information will be sent via sms.

Worth mentioning is that Get Bucks offers a payment method of EFT and E-wallet. In addition, the E-wallet service is only offered mostly to their existing clients.

To qualify for a loan, you:

  • Should be permanently employed for at least 3 months
  • Should not be placed under debt review, administration or sequestration
  • Are required to have an active bank account which is opened in your name

To sign up for a credit report, Get Bucks will request for your ID number and banking details. To sign up for your budget tool, you’ll need to use our Online Verification Tool to log in to your online banking. Noteworthy is that Get Bucks only receives read-only access and won’t be able to handle on your behalf. Client’s data is also 100% secure.

The institute has built an application process with its clients in mind hence their world class systems permit a quick turnaround on client applications and their bucks will be available within minutes.


Founded in 2011, Get Bucks has assisted thousands of people and are registered with the NCR and MFSA.


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