Barko Financial Services

Barko Financial Services come up with financial solutions when there’s a problem by giving out loans to clients. Who they also take pride in developing relationships with.

During the application process Barko financial Services will never request electronic documentation from you nor require that you pay a fee prior to obtaining credit. And please note that if this happens it’s a scam! As fraudulent people have currently been making use of the name Barko Financial Services to provide Credit over the internet, therefore be wary of this.

And with that being said here’s what you do need to know in order to qualify for a loan with Barko financial services. Affordability is an important factor when it comes to a Barko Financial Services loan and this will be determined by your monthly budget and how much you earn. Therefore you need to be permanently employed for at least six months.

Your affordability of the loan will also determine the amount you qualify for and best suitable for your budget. You’ll then have 30 days to repay the loan, as Barko Financial Services offer short-term (30 days) loans with very low interest rates.

Repayment of the loan will be deducted from your bank account. You can apply for the loan with recent three months bank statement, latest payslip and original ID or passport.

Barko Financial Services also offer advisory services to assist their clients in spending their money more responsibly.

Contact Barko Financial Services toll free for a consultation at 080 777 3777. Or locate your nearest branch, which are found in these provinces, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and in the North West.


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