Boodle Loans – Best Lenders for Short Term Finance

Boodle Loans – Best Lenders for Short Term Finance

Many South African households are faced with dynamic financial environments which require quick, easy solutions. Finding a short-term finance provider during times of financial distress is a priority for many individuals. Obtaining finance in the form of payday loans can assist with taking care of expenses such as education costs, unexpected car repairs, grocery purchases etc. A company that is committed to servicing the short-term needs of clients by providing fast efficient payday loans is Boodle. 

Committed to responsible lending, Boodle’s goal is to be the best lending platform around. As a registered credit provider, Boodle believes in transparent processes. Loans are made up of three portions: the initial set-up fee, a monthly service charge and daily interest. First-time applicants are given the option of applying for a R2500 Boodle loan, on condition that they will be able to repay it on time and comfortably. The fast-growing lender has created an easier method of ascertaining payments and affordability through its online widget. Prospective debtors are able to use it to decide how much they want as well as for how many days they will need it.

To give clients some breathing space, Boodle has set a maximum repayment period of 32 days. The provision of fast, instant loans is not exclusively offered to individuals with high credit scores. As a flexible lending house, Boodle doesn’t necessarily dismiss individuals with bad credit ratings. Individuals do however, need to be at least 18 years of age, have an active bank account, have a valid South African I.D, and have a cellphone number and an email address. The paperless application process takes place entirely online can be concluded in less than 6 minutes. Applicants can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

Boodle values clients who pay back on time and existing customers can borrow up to R8000 in less than 2 minutes. This is dependent on an increased Boodle ranking and overall credit rating. With its flexible solutions and drive for maintaining its specialist short-term needs provision capabilities, Boodle is well on its way to becoming the best lending platform.


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