Budget apps that you should be using 

Budget apps that you should be using 

To budget or not to budget, that’s the question but maybe not even the question but rather the only option. In today’s economic climate budgeting is a necessity just as technology and what happens when you fuse the two together budgeting plus technology you get budget apps that you should be using, such as these below. 


This app is perfect when you want to track money between you and your friends. We all know that it becomes hard to track your spending among friends, especially when you like going on holidays or road trips together and split the bills. 

With Splitwise you can 

  • Share bills and IOUs 
  • Keep track of household bills with roommates, group holidays, and expenses paid on your behalf, or you paid on someone’s behalf 
  • You can split with individual accounts and created groups 
  • All transactions are listed, and push notifications are available 
  • Everyone can log in, add new expenses, see their balances and settle-up instantly. 
Spending app 

As the name suggests it really is a simple app, which helps you track your spending and at the same time help you to perfect your budgeting. 

What is it all about? 

  • You can enter both your income and expenses into the app 
  • It has a long list of categories available to choose from 
  • Track your balances on a weekly or a monthly basis 
  • It even reminds you to enter transactions. It allows you to choose on the frequency and time of the reminders. 
  • You can keep track of different accounts like your day-to-day account and a savings account. 
  • It gives reports and graphs of your overall cash flow.  

These apps are a nice place to start and easy to use. Tracing your spending with these apps should make for a way easier budget.

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