Credit Guarantee, providing credit solutions

Credit guarantee was established in 1956 and started operating in 1958 as an underwriting company with specialisation in the field of domestic and export credit insurance. Due to its unique business approach of being able to secure a vast store of information and market intelligence from a network of contacts and to interpret data to support businesses, Credit guarantee has since expanded its business footprint in both local and international markets. This established firm now offers clients products and services such as domestic credit insurance, export credit insurance as well as bonds and surety.

Domestic credit insurance provides protection against non-payment of debts incurred by debtors based in South Africa or the common monetary area. Export credit insurance is tailored to provide cover to exporters against loss of proceeds from an export transaction where the loss is due to payment defaults or specified political eventualities. The benefits of this service include expert assessment of credit risks, development of new markets in different industries, increased market penetration, expert advice on collection techniques etc. Bid bond service is offered as part of the bidding process by the surety to the project owner to guarantee that the winning bidder will undertake the contract under the terms at which they bid.

Credit guarantee is providing unrivaled, expert credit insurance and surety solutions. They can be contacted on 0118897000.


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