Funeral covers in South Africa

Human beings have mastered the art of many things in life but the gift of life is one that surpasses conventional wisdom and its truly divine. With all the best efforts that  an individual may employ, destiny and fate dictates that human beings will always pass away and the  time of passing on and how long one lives is out of anyone’s hands.

Funerals the world over are a moment of grief and remembrance and the period of mourning is a personal spiritual commitment of passion, love and respect for the deceased. It therefore means the passing on of a loved one and the eventual funeral and burial  demands finances in order for the deceased to be remembered and put to rest  in a decent manner.

The above background is what has prompted different financial institutions to design innovative funeral covers that allow individuals to cover future expenses of their own funerals or their loved ones and take the burden off  their immediate families and friends.

There are different funeral covers available on the market, this includes funeral cover for oneself, funeral cover for oneself and immediate family which is the wife and children and funeral cover for the extended family which includes mother, father, brother, aunt, uncle and even the in-laws.

The money received from funeral cover payouts help families cover expenses for food, coffin, tombstone, transport  and other related funeral costs. Funeral cover premiums in South Africa range from an approximate  minimum of R40 rand to  maximum of R500 rands and payouts range from an approximate R5000 to maximum R120000.

With a funeral cover in place, more and more individuals and families are enjoying a peace of mind knowing that should the unfortunate eventuality of death happen, Funeral expenses will be well catered for.

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