Global Finance Loans- Quality Finance Products and Services

Global Finance Loans- Quality Finance Products and Services

The micro-finance sector in South Africa has expanded significantly over the past few years. An increasing number of individuals are now reliant on finance from such institutions instead of traditional lenders. Global Finance is a reliable and trusted micro-lending institution from South Africa. Its product offering has been tailored to meet global quality and efficiency standards. Formed in the year 2000, its mission has been to provide financial services particularly to individuals with blacklisted statuses. Banking institutions refuse to assist in such cases and these individuals are often left wanting. Global Finance understands the uphill battle faced by blacklisted individuals when sourcing finance and has endeavoured to be the lender of choice. Global Finance is a ‘global’ company in the sense that its business services and products take into account current global financial challenges. Scores of consumers all over the world occasionally face financially challenging periods, which requires assistance. Global Finance aims to service this market as efficiently as possible. Most of the loans provided by Global Finance are unsecured and offer as much as R100 000. Clients are given an ample period of 60 months to repay.

Who qualifies for Global Finance Loans?

Individuals above the age of 20 years

Prospective clients need to earn a minimum of R1500 per month

Applicants need to have a valid South African identity document

Proof of employment, in the form of a current payslip must be provided

Individuals need to have a bank account into which the funds can be transferred

Applicants should not be under administration or debt counselling


If you are blacklisted, you can count on getting the best assistance from Global Finance. Contact them here: 0227 153 339 or visit

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