Low Budget Loans

Low Budget Loans

Low Budget Loans

Founded in 2004, Low Budget Loans is an accredited South African credit provider that is owned by a group of bank managers who had a better understanding of how to provide faster, better and easier short term credit to the middle to higher income salary earner. The company has rapidly become the Service Provider of choice by providing exactly this.

Low Budget Loans follows the trend that technology should provide services to all South Africans, and that the traditional footprint of offices nationwide became redundant. The company focuses on centralization by dealing only electronically in each transaction. This allows them to offer their services to all South Africans nationwide.

Low Budget Loans is committed to the following services:

• Responsible lending

• Transparency

• Comply with the rules and regulations as prescribed by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and other regulatory bodies

• Providing an excellent service and building a long term relationship with our clients.

It is the company’s task of to supply personal loans for emergency purposes to its clients with an equally short term and responsible solution. Low Budget Loans can be contacted on 0861 073 072, you can also send a Fax to 012 809 0333 or alternatively email them on info@lowbudgetloans.co.za.

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