Paperless Short Term Loans

Paperless Short Term Loans


Paperless Short Term Loans

The introduction of internet has made loan application easier. One can apply for a loan in the comfort of their homes. The term “paperless” means that these types of short term loans are mostly applied online without using any form of paperwork, everything is done online via the internet.

There’s no need for boring paperwork, faxing of documents or time consuming branch visits. If you want a loan, all you need to do is apply right from the website and the only things you will need is a valid ID, and active bank account and in most cases an email or cell number you can receive communications through.

Two of the leading paperless short term loan providers in South Africa are Mpowa and Boodle. Below is information that helps you realise how you can get up to R2500 deposited into your account within minutes.

Payday loans are now trending in South Africa perhaps because they’re easy to obtain and you can get cash in hands within hours without much of paperwork. With South Africa’s economy showing signs of limping, people now find it hard to pay their bills and debt payments on time. The easy access to cash within hours, and no extensive credit checks makes these payday loans very eye-catching.

MPowa is the new kid on the block that offers short-term loans. With Mpowa, you can get up to R 2500. With Mpowa you get:

• R2,500 for new customers
• Successful applications received before 3pm will have cash by 5pm the same day!
• Instant decision 24/7 & NO paperwork
• Mpowa is also available on mobile

Boodle is another short term loan provider with some real South African taste. It offers quick loans of up to R 8000 with 41 days to repay. With Boodle you get:

• R2,500 for new customers, and up to R8,000 for existing customers
• Instant decision 24/7 & NO paperwork
• Up to 41 days repayment period
• Boodle is also available on mobile

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