Understanding Property Catch Phrases


Almost all professions have their own lingo and catchphrases that they utter and understand amongst their work colleagues. Just as in property when it comes to deciphering the words that advertisers and real estate agents use, it can be a bit much. 

It’s a trick that realtors use to not saying it like it is. Rather adding fluff and big words that mean nothing at times and totally the opposite at others. To sell a property and make it appealing and here are just some of those property catch phrases. 

Francois Labuschagne of Classifieds ads website Junk Mail explains some of the most frequently used real estate catch phrases that home buyers should look out for: 

Neat suburbs – If this is said it’s generally code for new and concrete property with very few trees. 
Leafy suburb – Are those that have overpriced homes in them and it’s a neighborhood where the inhabitants can afford large yards with lots of trees, gardens, and such. 
Starter homes – It’s a house that’s usually the first which a person or family can afford to purchase. It’s a compact house or flat, townhouse or apartments specifically designed and built to meet the requirements of young people buying their first home. 
Houses with generous proportions – These properties will get you a big house and garden and with it, a big price tag. It would be worth taking a look if you’ve the means and plans for lots of entertaining and eventually a family. 
Architecturally designed – Homes that are architecturally designed are normally found within luxury estates and would have been custom designed for the original owner. It’s important not to get lured by the design, but to take a practical approach to lifestyle, budget and suitability of the design and the price tag. 
Renovator’s dream or properties needing some TLC – These sometimes come with a smaller price tag to purchase, but may need additional investment. These are ordinary properties that need more than just a lick of paint.