Understanding Travel Rewards Credit Cards

One of the main rewards credit card holders get for using certain credit card types are travel rewards.  Travel rewards credit cards offer a great opportunity to earn free points that can be redeemed for airfares, hotels or even cold hard cash.

If you can work out your travel rewards, it’s possible to get solid value out of your credit card.

Travel rewards credit cards usually work on a points-based system, so oftentimes you can earn extra points for certain purchases.

There are some general travel rewards that allow you to earn points and then redeem them on any number of items.

Some travel rewards credit cards offer the chance to earn extra points for certain types of spending, like or travel or dining out.

Most travel brands have loyalty programs connected to credit cards, while the best travel rewards credit cards can be your gateway to free travel.

They all offer different benefits, so compare a range of offers before you settle on one.

What to look for in travel rewards credit cards:

A big sign up bonus

A big sign up bonus can be an indicator of a good travel rewards credit card offer. Make sure that you read the fine print and understand it before signing up.

Extra points for shopping at specific retailers

Shopping at specific retail outlets can often be an easy way to rack up travel rewards points. The best travel rewards credit cards offer a wide selection of retailers from which to choose.

A low spending minimum

The best cards have low spending minimum requirements.

Special perks such as priority boarding and no foreign transaction fees.

Look for special perks that come with the card.

Annual fees

Credit cards with annual fees tend to give you a better rewards scheme.