Using a Debt Consolidation Calculator

Using a Debt Consolidation Calculator

Choosing to make use of a debt consolidation loan can save you a lot of money every month, especially if you borrow from a reputable provider such as a bank. A consolidation loan gives you an opportunity to salvage your credit record and start a renewed debt free life after paying off the consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation loans are ideal for individuals who have difficulty making minimum bill payments. With a consolidation loan, multiple payments become one monthly payment attached to lower interest rates. In turn, consolidation will assist in clearing your debt faster.

By having to pay once-off every month, it makes your finances easier to manage with regard to budgeting for monthly expenses. With only one monthly payment to worry about – late or non-payments are easily avoided. This could keep you out of trouble of being charged and damaging your credit record or facing legal problems.

Using our Calculator

A good idea is to make use of a debt consolidation calculator, like the one we have below. Simply enter the requested information and you can get an accurate estimate as to how much you’ll save with our debt consolation loans.

Use our debt consolidation calculator below:

Enter your Loan/Mortgage Information
Loan amount: R
Annual Interest rate: % per year
Compound Period:
Term (Length) of Loan: years
First Payment Date:
Payment Frequency:
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Interest-Only Period: years

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If you consolidate your debt you can live stress free, knowing that your creditors have been paid off and you now only have one loan to pay every month. By making sure that you can benefit from a consolidation loan, you will make a good financial decision to get your financial life back on track.

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