Where To Apply For a Student Loan in South Africa

Where To Apply For a Student Loan in South Africa

If you are looking at furthering your studies you may consider getting a student loan.  Higher education in South Africa is generally quite expensive so many people rely on student loans in order to make their further education dreams come true. 

Costs for student loans depend on the course of study that an individual is pursuing.

The benefits of technology have created simpler avenues for individuals to get access to information. There are various lenders in South Africa, who have their information available on the internet. This would be a good place to start if you are looking for where you can apply for a student loan in South Africa.

The four major banks in South Africa offer student loans.

Standard Bank My Student Loan


Absa Study Loans


First National Bank




A benefit offered by student loans offered by banks is that they offer cover for studies at private institutions.

Applying for these loans is quite simple and can be done by visiting the website or by going to your nearest branch.

Most banks require applicants to provide proof of registration, proof of identity as well as to have surety and to have some proof of employment. If you are not employed, you could get someone who is employed to act as surety for you. In order to facilitate faster approval, it would be best for you to submit all necessary documentation.

Other options for student loans include:

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)




NSFAS is government-funded and focuses on providing student loans to financially needy students.  EduLoan has been operating since 1996 and has been providing individuals with quality assistance to make it easier for them to get access to tertiary education and improve their earning potential.

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