Benefits of Getting Short-Term Loans from Showtime Finance

Benefits of Getting Short-Term Loans from Showtime Finance

The high cost of living these days has pushed many people towards getting financial help in the form of short term loans. Having access to short term loans to tide them over can offer ideal financial relief when most needed.

Tell me more about Showtime Finance?

With Showtime Finance you can get access to short term loans of between R1000 and R15 000. As one of the leading loan financiers in South Africa, Showtime Finance is compliant with the Consumer Protection Act. Loans are only offered to individuals who can afford to make repayments comfortably.

At a monthly interest rate of 5%, short-term loans from Showtime Finance are affordable.

The loans are repayable within 4, 6 or 12 months.

Showtime Finance understands that challenges people face sometimes, which leaves them unable to repay debts. This in turn may lead to a bad credit record. This makes is difficult to gain access to loans. With Showtime Finance however, bad credit clients are assisted. Clients with bad credit histories, judgements against their name, garnishee orders, defaults or those who are simply refused assistance by commercial banks can benefit quite a lot form Showtime Finance services.

There are no limits placed on how you can use the loan. Whether you need to use the money to renovate your home, or to pay tertiary education costs, short-term loans from Showtime Finance can offer convenient solutions.

Getting access to the loan is quick and convenient. Cash is paid out within 48 hours.

How can you apply for Showtime Finance services?

  • Fill in an online application form
  • Request a Call Me
  • Or you can call and speak to a friendly agent

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Showtime Finance promises to only use the details you provide to find you the best loan type for your needs.

Contact Showtime Finance by calling: 021 825 5454

Visit their website here:


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