Benefits Offered By The FNB Temporary Loan

Benefits Offered By The FNB Temporary Loan

As the oldest banking institution First National Bank has evolved through the years. From innovative transactional banking services to ground-breaking technology, FNB offers its clients simple and convenient digital banking solutions.

One of these solutions is the FNB Temporary Loan.

More about the FNB Temporary Loan:

For most people in need of financial assistance, applying for a personal loan can be convenient. FNB offers a range of personal loan offers.

The FNB Temporary Loan is a convenient financial solution offered to FNB account holders who can afford to make repayments within a month.

FNB account holders can pay the loan back with their next deposit.

There are no application forms to fill out, saving you time when applying. A further benefit is that you can apply online or through cellphone banking by dialling *120*321#

The amount for which you qualify is dependent on your credit profile and is subject to credit approval.

There are no hidden fees and FNB provides applicants with a quote, so they know exactly how much they will be required to repay at the end of the month.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Be an FNB customer with an active FNB Cheque or Easy Account
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Latest payslip
  • Proof of employment
  • 3 months’ bank statements if you are not an FNB customer
  • Have an active bank account that is at least 3 months old
  • Have R750 disposable income after deductions and after your bills have been paid
  • Pass and affordability and credit scoring assessment

The FNB Temporary ATM Loan is an ideal solution for when you are looking for a quick loan. There are no lengthy forms to fill in or face-to-face interviews with consultants.

These loans are designed to help you overcome financial constraints.

If you repay the loan within a month you don’t have to pay any interest.

A big draw factor with these loans is that they are available immediately. As soon as you are approved for the loan, you can access it.

To enquire more about the FNB Temporary ATM Loan, you can also call 0861 276 937.

Visit the FNB website here:

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