Bridge Finance Pretoria

Bridge Finance Pretoria

Loans Acceptable 

As a South African financial institution, Loans Acceptable is compliant with the National Credit Act.

Services offered by this institution include:  

  • Bridging on pension fund
  • Bridging on sold property

Where you can find this institution in Pretoria: 

760 27th Avenue



South Africa

This institution provided bridging finance to assist clients during months without income or provides them with bridging finance whilst they are waiting for their lump sum from a pension or provident fund.

LoansAcceptable provides bridging finance of up to 80% of the value that will be paid out to the client, after registration of the sale.

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Bridging Finance

This institution provides services nationwide, so if you are based in Pretoria, you may be able to benefit from bridging finance services from them. The lender also promises fast, efficient service no matter your location. Specialising in property-related bridging finance, this lender is compliant with the National Credit Act.

Services offered by Bridging Finance have been structured especially to assist the seller in releasing cash from the sale of his property pending registration or the transaction.

Property-backed finance is also offered for clients who require a short-term loan for business purposes and have sufficient real estate assets to offer as security.

The availability of funds is guaranteed up to R20 million.

By choosing Bridge Finance, you are able to benefit from same-day approval and pay-outs. After applying and all approval processed finalised, you can expect the funds to be available within 30 minutes. The straightforward application makes it easier to gain access to the funds you need.

There are no hidden costs and the entire process is completely transparent. Competitive and affordable rates are offered, while bridging finance that is provided is based on individual affordability and individual risk profiles.

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