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Loanwise Loan Brokers

Loanwise Loan Brokers For most people, searching for a personal loan can be a time-consuming process. This is why it can be helpful getting assistance from a loan broker. Loanwise is one such financial institution-...

SA Loan Services

SA Loan Services SA Loan Services is part of the Finance Wizard, which is one of the fastest growing personal micro finance providers in South Africa. They are accredited financial brokers specialising in providing financial...

Makanda Financial Loans

Makanda Financial Loans Makanda Finance provides quick loans in South Africa. Everyone knows that the quickest way to get a loan these days is online. Online loans whether you refer to them as ‘bank websites’ or...


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Cash Converters Loans With FNB

Cash Converters Loans with FNB FNB loan customers now receive their loan on an electronically loaded prepaid VISA card. The benefits of this card include the safety of PIN protection and convenience of unlimited free...

Best Insurance Comparison Loans

Best insurance comparison loans Too many people are stressed over difficult financial decisions when it comes to things like personal loans, pay day or short term loans and student loans. Enter a world (yes, right...

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card Lost

Pick n Pay smart shopper card lost Many people often misplace their Pick n pay smart shopper cards and don’t know what to do after that. When you misplace your smart shopper card, you should...


Loanwise Loan Brokers

SA Loan Services

Loans Tycoon SA

Vehicle Finance

All You Need to Know about Motor Extender Insurance

Motor extender insurance gives you peace of mind against those mechanical breakdowns and or electrical failure. What should happen if your vehicles manufacturer’s Pre-owned warranty...
ABSA Car Finance

Benefits of Getting Car Finance with Absa

A convenient mode of transport, having a car means being able to travel whenever you want to and to wherever you choose to go. Choosing...

Find Out How to Refinance Your Car through Wesbank

Wesbank is at the forefront of quality car finance solutions and has been providing South Africans with simple and efficient car finance solutions for...

Tips for getting the best vehicle finance interest rate

Getting vehicle finance offers individuals a simple solution for getting to drive the car of their dreams. Before you sign on the dotted line you...
bidvest car finance

Affordable Financial Solutions From Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance

Bidvest Bank has over 100 branches nationwide and is a niche bank servicing individuals and businesses. The institution also specialises in money management. As an...

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