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Low Budget Loans

Low Budget Loans Founded in 2004, Low Budget Loans is an accredited South African credit provider that is owned by a group of bank managers who had a better understanding of how to provide faster,...

Housing Loan Basics

Housing Loan Basics A housing loan is finance used to purchase a house. When you get a housing loan you offer your property as security to the lender. Upon failure of repayment, the bank will...

Bank Loans For Students

Bank Loans for students Higher education in South Africa has helped to boost the economy and has helped to create a wealthier society by producing highly skilled graduates. What cannot be denied is that education...


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What Are The Benefits Of Buying Local?

Many South Africans have become familiar with the phrase “Local is Lekker”, coined by Brand South Africa as a way to encourage South Africans to believe in investing in local products. While the phrase...

Skills Shortages In South Africa- Where We Should Focus

The South African labour market faces the challenge of having a large demand for highly skilled individuals, while the skills that many unemployed individuals cannot meet this demand. Employers continue to have difficulty...

The Most Critically-Anticipated Games Of 2019

Gamers have become accustomed to mobile gaming and games with consoles aren’t as popular as they were back in the 90s. When the likes of Playstation and Xbox arrived on the market, they transformed the...

Household budget app to track your spendings

Your household is like your castle therefore you want to run it as efficiently as possible and to do that also means staying on top of your monthly household expenses. Which involve not only...


Vehicle Finance

All You Need to Know about Motor Extender Insurance

Motor extender insurance gives you peace of mind against those mechanical breakdowns and or electrical failure. What should happen if your vehicles manufacturer’s Pre-owned warranty...
ABSA Car Finance

Benefits of Getting Car Finance with Absa

A convenient mode of transport, having a car means being able to travel whenever you want to and to wherever you choose to go. Choosing...

Find Out How to Refinance Your Car through Wesbank

Wesbank is at the forefront of quality car finance solutions and has been providing South Africans with simple and efficient car finance solutions for...

Tips for getting the best vehicle finance interest rate

Getting vehicle finance offers individuals a simple solution for getting to drive the car of their dreams. Before you sign on the dotted line you...
bidvest car finance

Affordable Financial Solutions From Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance

Bidvest Bank has over 100 branches nationwide and is a niche bank servicing individuals and businesses. The institution also specialises in money management. As an...

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