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NedBank personal loan

Fulfil Your Financial Goals With a Nedbank Personal Loan

If you are looking for extra cash to help you finance a big event in your life, pay for a medical emergency or even for renovations on your home, a Nedbank Personal Loan may be...
ABSA Home loans

Comparing Absa Home Loans to Other Offers on the Market

ABSA Home Loans are highly competitive solutions for individuals looking to invest in property by buying a home. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. It’s a decision...
Pawn Shops Online

Convenient Access to Cash Through Pawn Shops Online in South Africa

Pawn shops are specialist providers of short term cash loans by securing assets. These institutions provide legal and easy ways of accessing cash without the hassle of having to provide stacks of paperwork or...


Currently Trending

A Guide to Education Loans from Fundi

Established in 1996, Fundi (formerly Eduloan) is a leading provider of education loans. The institution offers education loans for all levels of education, including school, university and college. An education loan for tertiary education typically...
cash loans

Bad Credit? Get Cash Loans Online

Cash loans are a form of short term loans and they will usually give you a certain short period of time before you will have to pay the amount back, along with the agreed...
Joox Music SA

Joox New Music Streaming App for South Africans

Tencent, the Chinese technology Holdings Company in which South Africa's Naspers holds a significant shareholding, is introducing its music streaming service Joox in South Africa. This is after Joox has proved popular in Asia...


Vehicle Finance

ABSA Car Finance

Benefits of Getting Car Finance with Absa

A convenient mode of transport, having a car means being able to travel whenever you want to and to wherever you choose to go. Choosing...

Find Out How to Refinance Your Car through Wesbank

Wesbank is at the forefront of quality car finance solutions and has been providing South Africans with simple and efficient car finance solutions for...

Tips for getting the best vehicle finance interest rate

Getting vehicle finance offers individuals a simple solution for getting to drive the car of their dreams. Before you sign on the dotted line you...
bidvest car finance

Affordable Financial Solutions From Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance

Bidvest Bank has over 100 branches nationwide and is a niche bank servicing individuals and businesses. The institution also specialises in money management. As an...

Uber Loans: Finance and Leasing with great vehicle discounts

Uber is a taxi-hailing mobile application that allows riders to get seamless access to drivers. Available all over the world, the company is valued...

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