How To Apply For a Personal Loan Through FNB

How To Apply For a Personal Loan Through FNB


To apply for an FNB personal loan you need to go the FNB website. Once you have opened the website window click on the “for me” tab. After that you click on the revolving loans from the loans menu. Select the apply now button. Click the Continue button if you have an existing, qualifying FNB cheque Account.

Before applying you need to check if your account qualifies for a personal loan.  If you are an existing FNB customer with Online Banking, select the first option. If you do not have online Banking, select Please call me back and fill in your details, followed by Submit. If you already have an FNB account with online banking you must enter your username and password and click login to continue. You then continue to apply for your loan by providing demographic information. you also need to attach your identity documents and proof of income. Once you have filled in all the information you select continue.

The next step is confirming your monthly financial commitments by clicking on the accept button. Enter your details on the form that comes up and click continue. Confirm your order by clicking continue in the next step. In the next step read the terms and conditions and ensure that you understand them before you select the continue button.  Confirm that you accept the FNB Revolving Loan Pre-agreement and Quotation by selecting the Accept button. Select the finish button to complete your application.

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