Ways to Support the Creative Industry in South Africa through Nedbank Arts Affinity

Nedbank Art Affinity

Through the Nedbank Affinity Programs you can choose to support the development of the arts, the preservation and conservation of the environment, sports development or help orphaned and vulnerable children.

To access the service, you need to open a Nedbank Affinity-linked credit card, current, savings and/or investment account. Each time clients swipe their credit cards, Nedbank donates a certain percentage of purchases to any of the affiliated causes.

Cards are Available as Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus and American Express.

Nedbank has been operating in the South African financial sector for over a century and has become a trusted and reliable financial institution. One of the tailored solutions that the bank offers is the Nedbank Arts Affinity Program. By choosing a Nedbank card that is linked to the Nedbank Affinity Program, you get to support the development of South African arts. Each time you swipe, a percentage of your spend goes towards the Arts and Culture Trust.

Through the Nedbank Arts Affinity Program you can support the development of South African arts, culture and heritage- at no cost to you.

Nedbank Donates to the Arts and Culture Trust on your Behalf.

In South Africa, with a healthy creative economy, many arts organisations continue to benefit from sponsorship. A benefit that creative entrepreneurship provides South Africa is that it fosters the competitiveness of businesses as well as growth of the arts sector.

With more entrepreneurs coming up with creative and innovative ideas and solutions, the country can only improve. This also empowers entrepreneurs and also provides incentive for them to create more profit-making opportunities.

Through the years, Nedbank has provided an ample amount of financial support for the arts through its Nedbank Arts Affinity Program.

In partnership with the Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) the Nedbank Arts Affinity Program has flourished. The program has provided funding for a range of arts and culture organisations.